Jewelry & CAD Designer





Artist Statement:

As an artist, I respond to repetition, control, and perfection and hope my work reflects my interests. In order to represent these qualities, I use a combination of essential elements that require exceptional attention to detail. I use wire to delineate the edge of a form because I can express control through bending wires into curvilinear structures. My choice of organic cage forms creates a continuous flow throughout the piece. The cage forms allow for the repetition of wires, as well as the incorporation of symmetry, which makes a powerful visual element.

I utilize the materials silver, because of its color, and plastic, because of its versatility. The white appearance of silver is clean and helps direct attention to the controlled contour of the forms. Darken silver is also used to create a visual contrast between metal and plastic when assembled. The plastic is generated from computer-aided manufacturing, such as nylon and photopolymers. I choose white nylon because it is clean and lightweight. This allows for a wide range of jewelry. The photopolymer durus white is slightly transparent and contains more weight, which is optimal for the rings.

While traditional techniques are significant to my work, the use of technology allows for mathematical precision. Some of my construction methods include using jigs built in CAD to assist the development of the curvilinear structures. The addition of CAD-CAM elements gives support, balance, and weight to the cage forms. I never overlook craftsmanship as I see that as a necessity in any field, which is why control and perfection is so important in my work.